Friday, January 5, 2007


We are the underworld.

We are the blogs that are under the radar. The forums nobody has found.  

We are tired of seeing our links destroyed and the RIAA alerted because of HANS DE VENTE, alias Sake Johannes De Vent alias Hanszun. (Aside from this blog, a good source of information on this madman is:

He has dubbed himself THE BLOGFATHER, and many of his egomaniac blogs have his smirking, disgusting photo AND logo:

If that expression seems familiar, it's because it's the SAME ONE on the face of the fat little bastard who killed John Lennon. He smirked just like that in every photo. You'll find a similar look on the face of "Son of Sam" and Jeffrey Dahmer and Manson.

This ex-Sony Nederlands employee has played enough games. Yes, EX-SONY. He worked at the SONY office in Badhoevedorp and got FIRED for being such a maniac. He was using his SONY.NL email in 2002 and 2003 when he was in the alt.letterman group, screaming and hollering at people to mail David Letterman VHS tapes to him in Holland. He maintained his SONY email and got a few more secretly, so he could ALWAYS delete items through an official EMAIL.(You'll see the evidence below; SOME of the screencaps from his 2002-2003 wars with the alt.Letterman group).

SHUN this troublemaker. This is what the Pennsylvania Dutch do. It's what we must do with this cheap and childish Dutchman.

Hans is THE DELETER. He was always upping and DELETING files, getting into rages if he wasn't appreciated. He deletes files on all his rivals. He deletes some of his own just to make it "look good."

You noticed the author name as "CAL?" That's LIAR HANS. On various blogs he called himself The Beatnik, Pardonia (a woman), Rhinestonetongue (androgyne), Blogfather, Hans, Hanz, Hanszun, and Cal E. Fornia. He would pretend to be an AMERICAN on many of these blogs, claiming to be enjoying surfing on the beach while listening to his Brian Wilson albums.

Sometimes, as Bill C. for example, he pretended to be in Arizona living near the Grand Canyon, in Tucson. That's when he changed his blog name from "Beat Daddy" to Ari Zona. (He always thinks he's SO clever with his puns).  He also pretended to be in Nashville, "not far from a statue of Hank Williams." He also claimed to live in New York and would regularly insist he was in Manhattan at 9/11 and barely escaped with his life. Hans HATES living in Holland and resents his boring lifestyle. On the HANSZUN blog he even claimed to be living on Saint Kitts and Nevis. check a HANSZUNBLOG screencap below and you'll see. NOTHING here was Photoshopped. It's ALL TRUE.

This CRAZY PERSON was always deleting. Everybody knew it. The proof was how often bloggers he hated got hit with deletions as soon as he complained about them. Anyone competing with him was a target for his jealousy and rage. He invented "THE DELETER" and blamed it all on HIM. But it was HANS. He slipped up many times, and here's a classic example.

He accidentally sent a bunch of emails to the admin of a forum. He wanted to be a MOD there, and he wanted to show off pictures and things. Ooops, he accidentally showed an email where he was DELETING files.

He didn't get to be a MOD, so he got his revenge by deleting half the posts in the forum! The ADMINS went nuts. It was not GROOVY or FAB what Demented De Vente did, but they were not sure what to do about him. He knew ALL the tricks, and could get plenty of fake IDs and come back. So they forgave him. Meanwhile, he posted some of his dirty tricks. Like THIS.

Hans started by deleting his own links out of spite. If he wasn't getting a nice comment or if somebody complained about the bit-rate, he took his gift back.

Then he realized he could sabotage the other big blogs who were his rivals. He began reporting Zinhof and Chocoreve and others. How do we know this? He said it himself. His original hanszunblog was loaded with curses and threats against ChrisGoesRock and Zinhof and the rest. Here  is an example of one of his MANY rants:

Tricky Hans tried to cover his tracks by pretending he was a victim, too. Then he found scapegoats he could point to, which coincidentally happened to be hapless people who were in forums with him and had rubbed him the wrong way.

"Why would I delete my own links?" he cries with such innocence. To make him look like another victim. "Look at me, a file I uploaded got deleted so fast!" Sometimes he deleted the file as soon as he posted it. That way NOBODY could enjoy it...or challenge it. As in, "I finally uploaded a whole set of rare tapes I made of Talking Heads. But now it's gone. Somebody is out to get me." Right. Somebody named Hans was making sure he looked generous -- with files he never intended anyone else to own. 

Hans was always the first to report when a blog got mass deletions. Well, of course. He did it. Perfect motive: destroy the competition. This man is retired and has a big fat pension and has all the time for his vengeance.

Here's a set of posts from a blogger who caught HANS deleting all the links. The comments? ALL AGREEING that HANS DE VENTE is a MENACE:

You want some back story? Hans was never normal. He always said "My father beat me," and posted sob stories on his blogs. He would regular claim to be DYING. He would constantly talk about some disease and how "it does not look good." Diverticulitis was one of them. There were many more.

He would of course demand sympathy if anyone died, claiming to have known just about every rock star who passed away: "I saw his show. I went backstage." "We were friends." "I sang backup. You can not hear me too well but I did." When his mother-in-law died, he remember her for telling a dirty joke about sheep fucking:

Yes, that is HANS for you, remembering his mother-in-law with a dirty joke, giggling like a 12 year-old. (This is a guy who went into the Groovy Fab forum with a Photoshop job showing President Bush's wife naked from the waist down. "LAURA BUSH! I HAD TO SHOW THIS! IT IS SO FUNNY!")

Hans insists "blogging is not important" and he's back at it a day later. In fact, he would always have four or five blogs at a time, calling himself CAL E. FORNIA and RHINESTONE TONGUE and BILL C. and on and on and on. Among the many blogs:

Names? Hans has used tons of them for his blogs and to sneak back into forums that banned him. He is: surferboy, lonelysurferboy, havedat, compudad, zim, themaskedsurfer, wheniam64, burt, phoenixzappa, littlebillysunshine, justme, UNCLESAM, sunshineboy, Mike Hunt, Number One, Great Vito, avisitor, Swank Living, Neon Park, Madame Croucrou, JonJon, heretoday, gonecountry, konvooi and Flower Child. Among others.

In January of 2006 when his hanszunblog was getting a lot of attention, he went berserk with egotism and insanity. He declared  "I AM THE ZUN" and  "I AM THE BLOGFATHER."  Does that sound like a guy who cares about the music or only himself?

He feuded with all the other bloggers. Like this:

The other bloggers began to realize: HANS is DEMENTED. Worse, DANGEROUS.

1. His "Blogfather" boasting sent the RIAA in our direction. "A thousand posts!" "My blog can beat your blog!" Another popular blogger (Spike Priggen who runs "Bedazzled") said that Hans was reckless. What did Hans do? He started a war with Spike and published insults and accusations, and complained "Zinhof does it, too." Then Zinhof began getting deletions. Zinhof let him post things, so Hans decided he didn't mind Zinhof. But he hated others.

2. Hans INVENTED the hate blog. He used a bunch of hate blogs to attack people in the forums he was in, notably GroovyFab and DeeVee. One of his classics was attacking a guy named Champaloux.

Not only did he make hate blogs, he asked his followers to "GET" the people he hated, to find out where they lived. Any details he could find, he used. He created forums, encouraged people to email him, and he would harvest the emails to use against the people who liked him. He'd find some paranoid reason to hate them. HATE HATE HATE

Here is a classic, from one of his many blogs, this one where he called himself THE BEATNIK and wishes somebody AIDS and EBOLA:

"YOURS and MAGGOTS LIKE YOURS WILL BE DELETED..." he wrote. Yes deletions, in every way.

Hans could never keep an ally for very long. One of the few FUNNY moments in the saga of Demented Devente was his brief friendship with Terry Beard of South Carolina, aka "LAZYREBEL." Since Hans has homo instincts, and also is freakishly obsessed with America, he began to court and spark with the "LAZYREBEL" in a forum. After a while, Terry realized that Hans was out of his mind. What to do? Terry...FAKED HIS OWN DEATH!

"LAZYREBEL" had been quite a bit like Hans, including posting scary pictures of himself. Hans did his "BLOGFATHER" poses, and his glowering into the camera with his fat pout and his gruesome moose-like eyes, and "LAZYREBEL" matched him. Oooooh....

Terry was as good a liar as Hans.

He told a real whopper when the forum members complained that he was dumping DOZENS of awful  C&W albums into the site every day. He upped Hans' claims of tinnitis, diverticulitis and dying by declaring:  "I am a Navy vet, and I have hooks for hands." So he wanted the forum members to pity him and ADMIRE his tenacity in giving away music even when it took so long to type!

Huh? He was posting all this stuff with artificial hands?? Of course he wasn't but a lot of people bought the lie and felt sorry for Terry, just like they kept buying the lies of Hans Demented. But eventually Terry had enough of Hans and pulled the biggest whopper. He was now DEAD.

That's how he got away from Hans and the private emails and PM's. Terry left the forum which he and Hans were monopolizing, shut down his blog, and had his wife tell Hans, "Terry has died." Hans put up a tribute blog to the "LAZYREBEL," and urged people to listen to Hank Williams records. Meanwhile, Terry and his wife June (aka Junebug) moved to another forum entirely, changed their names, and happily never were discovered by Hans Demented. THAT is how people try to get away from Hans. They fake being DEAD, because eventually Hans may create a hate blog and say "GET HIM HE IS THE DELETER."

You can't make up somebody like Hans Demented. That's part of how he gets away with shit. People can't believe it. Ask the members of every forum from GroovyFab to It's Psych. They always said, "It can't be true. He can't be deleting stuff, he must really be dying, he surely has tinnitis but bravely listens to music and asks people to upload things for him anyway..." Then they got the deletions, the over-posting, the dozens of different names all of them curiously supporting Hans and begging that he not be kicked out. Eventually every ADMIN and MOD had to admit: THE MAN IS CRAZY. A sick sado-masochistic vengeful freak who has to be the center of attention no matter what. 

2. Hans was the first to post whole boxed sets, entire discographies, dozens of items a day. "I'll post my whole record collection" he boasted. That told the RIAA and the artists that bloggers never want to buy an album and don't support the artists. Hans is NOT representative of what real bloggers are all about. He did all this out of ego, to get the most praise and compliments. There was a more sinister reason: revenge.

3. REVENGE. Hans began over-posting in forums and on his blog to GET BACK at the music business. He was fired by Sony Nederlands. It happened on his birthday, too. At his age he couldn't get another job and sulked for three years till his Dutch pension kicked in. Then he discovered the Internet and wrote "Blogging saved my life" and yes, gave him the means for revenge.

Here is a post where he boasts about fucking over the Buck Owens estate, and how he's entitled to do as he wants, and guess what, HE is the ZUN and the ZUN WILL SHINE AGAIN, and he OWNS A NICE CAR, ha ha ha to all of you!

4. Nice guy? Generous guy? Some said the same about Mussolini because he made the trains run on time. That didn't make Mussolini a nice guy either. Hans gives away music that he leeched. What a cheap bribe. If you took his "goodies" and never read his copy, you might not have seen how often he used phrases like "cunt" and "tough titties" and "my way or the highway."

The more hits and attention he got, the nastier he became, and the more he thought of himself as a STAR, which was perfect revenge on SONY for firing him. They fired him because he was pretending to be an executive so he could get free records and concert tickets. Whenever he took a vacation to New York he pretended to be a visiting SONY EXECUTIVE and expected to get free meals and attention. A scam. Here he is, being crazy over his blogging stardom:

 "I am the most hated man on the web, try to get these results!"  And he made sure to DELETE the competition's links to remain the biggest blogger, the BLOGFATHER.

He even said nasty things, even about the musicians ("Try this guy. He's no Gene Clark but what does it cost you to download.") He is the exact opposite to the real bloggers who praise the musicians and keep their blogs friendly.

Even fans of Hans were alarmed at the INSANE way he talked about the artists.

Among his dozens of extra blogs, one for Christmas, of course, with his fake Cal Harmony name.

When he didn't get enough people calling him the Jesus of Blogdom, he blew up his Christmas blog. It didn't take more than a few days.

5. Hans is a leecher and deleter. He leeches from your blog, my blog, every blog. He would post: "Go ahead and delete. This is not my file." Hans boasted of his "Wall of Tape," hundreds of bootleg concerts he made. Did he share them? No, because he's not really about "sharing." Not if it's his own stuff and he might make a dollar on it.

He was once a partner in Strictly Country records, a Dutch label that imported folk-type acts and re-issue items. Did he ever offer free downloads on Liz Meyer, Hugh Moffatt Trio, Ray Leger, David Olney, Bob Paisley, Patrick Van Gervin, Skyland, Stroatklinkers or Holly Tashian? Ever hear of them? Don't you think he could've put up even one song? No, the Dutchman wanted every dime to stay with his record company and his friend.

Meanwhile he was bragging more and more about how powerful he was, and getting crazier and crazier about peons who DARED to request music from him.

So, if somebody wanted a "Dick and the Jerkers album" (Hans, keeping it classy) he expected a lot of fawning and compliments. OR ELSE.

Early on, Hans took a vacation to Tucson and boasted about it on his blog. In fact he even created a Tucsongs blog for country music. He built the blog and filled up 100's of downloads while on vacation! Would you? Would you spend all the time with your laptop computer while your wife is begging you to visit tourist attractions?

For Hans, the best fun was vengeance on the music industry by adding 100's of downloads to his blog. He even wrote how his wife was bothering him when he had better things to do. His energy and drive was powered by getting even with musicians and having a monster blog. He wouldn't bother with Netherlands musicians or educate us about them. Why bother with only a few nice comments and only 20 or 30 people downloading a Dutch singer when he could get 2000 people cheering for a Beach Boys discography?

Even better...2,000 downloads of an album on a major label was REVENGE against the music industry that shunned him. On his pension, he could afford to WORK at DESTROYING the record labels. If Hans damaged the labels by giving away $100 or $200 in downloads day he was happy.

That's not US. That's not why we blog. We don't want to put Mom and Pop record stores out of business. We know that many artists need royalties badly. We know that the record companies employ thousands of menial workers and secretaries who NEED THEIR JOBS. And we know that the re-issue companies go into the vault and find rare items to put on the CDs, and remaster the music, and this would not happen if everybody threw all the music around and they couldn't make that small profit they need. You think Sundazed and Norton are big labels run by millionaires???

The bigger Hans got, the CRAZIER. He put a banner on his site that made him seem like a GOD.

He went berserk when Zinhof put up a banner of his own. He was in forums telling everyone "I'd like to kick his ass. He is an ape, He apes what I do."

When the people in the forum told him to stop being crazy, HE VOWED TO MAKE HIS OWN FORUM and make it BIGGER than ANY OTHER FORUM.

You know what happened? He brought people in, roared at the with RULES, and DELETED files, and sent crank emails (because he had everybody's email addresses). He would go to websites that had "join our mailing list" and list-bomb people with dirty words and jeers.

Here are some of his games when he was a FORUM ADMIN...and he was a FORUM ADMIN time and again, luring suckers in only to shut down the forum every time.

Since his self-made forums rarely attracted people (everyone realizing he's HORRIBLE) he built his forum with his own fake-named members, like Pardonia. The results were always the same. CHAOS.

Meanwhile, he caused chaos in all the forums he was in. He deleted files on people he hated. He would post "goodies" and then delete them before anyone could download them and claim "THE DELETER" did it. That way he could seem "generous" with rarities, and still keep them for himself.

He would go berserk and steal music from everywhere and post it. He would post dirty photos. People wanted him OUT but the ADMINS knew he could always find his way back. He'd skip in with stolen links, and act like he was the cutest little boy in Holland.

6. Hans was hated in every forum, and some ADMINS finally did tell him to get out and NOT come back, and they'd easily see his latest fake name and kick him out. He'd mention it on his blogs: "They kicked out my ass." (Everything with Hans is very homo-esque, always with MY ASS, MY ASS, or YOUR ASS, as in "Here's some Jazz for your Ass.")  He came into one forum with a half dozen aliases just to keep leeching and deleting and playing his games. He found a hacker friend who knocked the DeeVee forum off line for a day.

7. Hans created his own forums over and over. He was dubbed "Pied Piper" for bringing gullible people to his forums. He set them up and destroyed them every time. That's his fun. He manipulates people. He deletes some links to watch the fun. When membership levels off, he blows up the forum. The fun is seeing how many crawl back again. Sick? Well what do you expect from a guy who wails "my father beat me" and "Sony fired my ass." He's been a wretch all his life.

Meanwhile he keeps on making new blogs, and fills them with his boasts and insanity.

He says "You have to be fast," because he opens and shuts blogs every other day.

He also comes up with new rules all the time.

UPDATE: Another game he LOVES to play is "email me for links." Always GAMES:

New blogs, new games

8. This egomaniac has called himself: "The Blogfather" and "The Zun" and "Bill C" (Bill Clinton). He once wrote: "Yes, I am like Hitler and Hussein!" He even prided himself "I am the most Hated Man on the Internet!" Is that how a normal blogger acts? Real bloggers are humble. Their goal is to turn people on to neglected music. When was the last time a blogger called himself "The Sun?" The center of your universe?

9. If Hans couldn't get people to love his downloads he deleted them. He does it with every new blog he makes.  He is a Jeckyl and Hyde. Another game is to apologize ("I flew off the handle. I am so emotional") and then beg people to forgive him: "I do not want to be hated. I am a changed man."

And then back comes the same insanity, the deletions, the threats to blow up the blog and never come back, and then a new blog the next day. If a new blog does not get enough attention, he runs into forums whining "I tried, I tried, blogging is not for me," like a drama queen. And then he's back THE NEXT DAY.

Meanwhile he makes US look bad. His arrogance pisses people off. He posts entire discographies and shouts "this isn't my post so delete it if you want you are only hurting somebody else." This site could go on with many more examples, from all the people who have screencapped this maniac's bizarre behavior. But let's just say: HE IS A SICK, SICK MAN, a DEMENTED MAN, and a DANGER to all our blogs, because he deletes from them, reports them, and does everything he can to make bloggers seem cruel and obnoxious.

10. What a one-man wrecking crew Hans Demented is. He's used Photoshop to fake documents. He's hacked forums. He's made threats. Even though he's covered his tracks with anti-Hans blogs to make himself seem the victim, more often his blogs have been hate blogs against others, including these, which all contained hate and harassment:
And that is only HALF. Most of those blogs are now wiped or dormant but the hate and viciousness was all over them, plus the worst thing of all: his REVENGE AGAINST MUSICIANS.

Most of you are aware by now that, like global warming, the declining music business is no myth. You can read it in Rolling Stone. You can Google the info yourselves. Tower Records went under. Sales have sunk. Older stars can't get record deals. Young and old musicians counting on royalties are struggling. Old songwriters who thought they'd still be getting "pension" money have seen royalty checks become a pittance. Some of these people have gone on welfare and others just committed suicide. You have all that going on.

And a fired Sony employee is saying, "Here's every Beach Boy album for your ass!" "Today every George Shearing record. What's up with blind guys and pianos?" "This is a Phil Spector record that I was looking for. Now it's yours. I happened to see it in the office of a friend of mine in the Brill Building [a music industry office building] and when he wasn't looking, I made off with it."

This is why he's been nicknamed "The Drama Queen," "Ego Hans," "The Hacker Has-Been" and "Bad Santa," Every year this maniac offers 20GB or more of Christmas music, sobbing about how he LOVES CHRISTMAS. Jesus Christ, what a sicko. He is a true sado-masochist who rages one minute, and invites abuse the next, pretending to enjoy all the name-calling.

He's over 60 but acts like a 6 year-old. He has NO friends. He supposedly has a wife who is probably more like a mother. She wants an asexual little naughty boy to scold. He is a sick, sick puppy.He's been that way from the moment he found the Internet back in 2002. Here he is, screaming and hollering in the alt.Letterman group, demanding that people do him favors, send him tapes of Letterman shows, etc. etc. See what happens when somebody reminds him of how expensive it is to send VHS tapes to Holland:

Soon enough, crazy Demented De Vente was screaming about how he was INSULTED, and how the Dutch are not CHEAP, and how he is very poor. And then, when people are ready to ban him from the group...he's sobbing and contrite and apologizing.

Did you notice the SONY.NL email? Hans is a LIAR. A LIAR LIAR LIAR. He claims to be "poor" but he obviously was working for Sony, right? OR...he was using a secret SONY EMAIL (one of a half dozen he acquired) so he could get promo albums, tickets, and all kinds of GOODIES by PRETENDING to be an imporant member of the company.

Hans is no hobbyist like most of us. He is a renegade and an outsider, maliciously leeching our files and playing head games with new identities, blogs and forums. Call him Country Cal, Bill C., Hungry Freak Daddy, LSD25 or any other name. He's the same guy, a fired ex-Sony employee with a juvenile delinquent childhood and a revenge streak.

This blog is here is because we, the REAL blogging community, are fed up with his destructive crap and we had to do something about it.

He used to be a Usenet troll, one of the crackpots who curses and flames. Now he's in the blogworld. Until the Holland authorities knock on his door in Badhoevedorp and impound his computer and arrest him and a court order forbids him from getting on the Internet, shun him. That way he can't get the attention he craves.

Like any 12 year-old, Hansy-Pansy knows how to get sympathy, and play his games. One of his early posts in 2006 on the Hanszunblog described (inflated, of course) how IMPORTANT he was in the music business and in Holland, and how he had so many important jobs, and now (sob sob) he only wants to give away music because (sob sob) he loves music and BLOGGING SAVED MY LIFE. Read it and weep.

He has never gone a week without lying to people,  hurting people, saying vile things, boasting that he leeches links from others and the rest of his stale act. This includes his constant moaning about how he is DYING. How about this one, with his corny cartoon illustration, and his oh so touching "I am giving it all away" generosity because any minute he will have a heart attack?

We love our blogs. We uploaded the music ourselves, with our own comments. We want others to know about the music we care about. We don't want them leeched by Hans or deleted by Hans. We want to be fair to the musicians and to each other. Hans only cares about himself and about revenge on other  bloggers and on SONY. .

This blog has told you the truth about Hans. The screencaps are REAL, culled from many sources, including various ADMINS and MODS who have privately expressed their disgust with HANS DE VENTE.

We must SHUN HIM. He thrives on attention. He is so sick he loves abuse. He has called HIMSELF "a pain in the ass" and an "asshole" and deliberately screwed up forums with hours of posted babble and idiotic pictures. His dozens and dozens of blogs have always ended with farewells like this:

 The next day he's ba-a-a-a-ck, smirking and obnoxious as always, spoiling for a fight, and loving every minute of ABUSE. So SHUN HIM.

HANS is a boring, pathetic BROKEN RECORD, always with his "email me for links" and "hurry get it now" and "blogging is not for me, i will not be back" and "i was just in the hospital" and "my wife was just in the hospital" and "i have tinnitis and can not enjoy music" and "does anyone have some music i have been looking for and want to hear" and "enemies are after me" and  "now i have deleted everything so nobody can have any music." 

Hans, get off the Internet and get on medication. Stop ruining it for the rest of us.