Friday, January 5, 2007


We are the underworld.

We are the blogs that are under the radar. The forums nobody has found. The message boards somewhere between beerfarts and stairway to heaven.

We are tired of seeing our links destroyed and the RIAA alerted because of HANS DE VENTE, alias Hanszun.

This ex-Sony Nederlands employee has played enough games.

SHUN this troublemaker. This is what the Pennsylvania Dutch do. It's what we must do with this cheap and childish Dutchman.


Hans started by deleting his own links out of spite. If he wasn't getting a nice comment or if somebody complained about the bit-rate, he took his gift back.

Then he realized he could sabotage the other big blogs who were his rivals. He began reporting Zinhof and Chocoreve and others. How do we know this? He said it himself. His original hanszunblog was loaded with curses and threats against ChrisGoesRock and the rest.

Tricky Hans tried to cover his tracks by pretending he was a victim, too. Then he found scapegoats he could point to, which coincidentally happened to be hapless people who were in forums with him and had rubbed him the wrong way.

Hans was always the first to report when a blog got mass deletions. Well, of course. He did it. Perfect motive: destroy the competition. This man is retired and has a big fat pension and has all the time for his vengeance.

You want some back story? Hans was never normal. He always said "My father beat me," and posted sob stories on his blogs. He had every excuse for posting porn, whole boxed sets and discographies, sexist and racist jokes. He wrote insults against "ex-friends" that included their e-mail addresses and photos and told people to help him mail-bomb them).

In January of 2006 he got on the Internet with hanszunblog, and showed how abnormal he was. "I AM THE ZUN" he said. "I AM THE BLOGFATHER" he said. Does that sound like a guy who cares about the music or only himself?

1. His "Blogfather" boasting has sent the RIAA in our direction. "A thousand posts!" "My blog can beat your blog!" When he began, another blogger ("Bedazzled") said that Hans was reckless. What did Hans do? He started a war with "Bedazzled," published insults and accusations, and complained "Zinhof does it, too." Then Zinhof began getting deletions.

2. Hans was the first to post whole boxed sets, entire discographies, dozens of items a day. "I'll post my whole record collection" he boasted. That told the RIAA and the artists that bloggers never want to buy an album and don't support the artists. Hans is NOT representative of what real bloggers are all about. He did all this out of ego, to get the most praise and compliments. There was a more sinister reason: revenge.

3. REVENGE. Hans began over-posting in forums and on his blog to GET BACK at the music business. His motive is to give away anything that could make money for the music industry. Why? He was fired by Sony Nederlands. It happened on his birthday, too. "My father beat me" and "Sony fired me." At his age he couldn't get another job and sulked for three years till his Dutch pension kicked in. Then he discovered the Internet and wrote "Blogging saved my life" and yes, gave him the means for revenge.

4. Nice guy? Generous guy? Some said the same about Mussolini because he made the trains run on time. That didn't make Mussolini a nice guy either. Hans gives away music that he leeched. What a cheap bribe. If you took his "goodies" and never read his copy, you might not have seen how often he used phrases like "cunt" and "tough titties" and "my way or the highway." He even said nasty things, even about the musicians ("Try this guy. He's no Gene Clark but what does it cost you to download.") He is the exact opposite to the real bloggers who praise the musicians and keep their blogs friendly.

5. Hans is a leecher and deleter. He leeches from your blog, my blog, every blog. He would post: "Go ahead and delete. This is not my file." Hans boasted of his "Wall of Tape," hundreds of bootleg concerts he made. Did he share them? No, because he's not really about "sharing." Not if it's his own stuff and he might make a dollar on it.

He was once a partner in Strictly Country records, a Dutch label that imported folk-type acts and re-issue items. Did he ever offer free downloads on Liz Meyer, Hugh Moffatt Trio, Ray Leger, David Olney, Bob Paisley, Patrick Van Gervin, Skyland, Stroatklinkers or Holly Tashian? Ever hear of them? Don't you think he could've put up even one song? No, the Dutchman wanted every dime to stay with his record company and his friend.

Early on, Hans took a vacation to Tucson and boasted about it on his blog. In fact he even created a Tucsongs blog for country music. He built the blog and filled up 100's of downloads while on vacation! Would you? Would you spend all the time with your laptop computer while your wife is begging you to visit tourist attractions? For Hans, the best fun was vengeance on the music industry by adding 100's of downloads to his blog. He even wrote how his wife was bothering him when he had better things to do. His energy and drive was powered by getting even with musicians and having a monster blog. He wouldn't bother with Netherlands musicians or educate us about them. Why bother with 20 or 30 downloads of a Dutch singer when he could get 200 for a Brian Wilson album, or 2000 or 20,000 with his posting of every 2-for-1 Beach Boys CD. Those CDs were specially priced to give fans a break, but Hans was going to make sure Capitol Records would lose hundreds of dollars in sales. On his pension, if Hans damaged the labels by $100 or $200 a day, that was better than having a job and making the money.

5. Hans is a leecher and deleter. He leeches from your blog, my blog, every blog. He would post: "Go ahead and delete. This is not my file." Hans boasted of his "Wall of Tape," hundreds of bootleg concerts he made. Did he share them? No, because he's not really about "sharing." Not if it's his own stuff and he might make a dollar on it.

He was once a partner in Strictly Country records, a Dutch label that imported folk-type acts and re-issue items. Did he ever offer free downloads on Liz Meyer, Hugh Moffatt Trio, Ray Leger, David Olney, Bob Paisley, Patrick Van Gervin, Skyland, Stroatklinkers or Holly Tashian? Ever hear of them? Don't you think he could've put up even one song? No, the Dutchman wanted every dime to stay with his record company and his friend.

He only put on his blogs music from people he wants to destroy. He hates Sony so he'll post every Sony album he's got. His partner's music is off limits along with the "Wall of Tape" he always boasted about. "If you're good, maybe I'll post some of it," he'd say. His blogs are always full of teasing: "Today the first Spirit album. Come back tomorrow, maybe you get the second."

6. Hans was kicked out of forum after forum. That's a fact. Why? He posted sick jokes and porn pictures. He insulted others. He kept complaining that others (who posted more than he did) should be kicked out. Everywhere he went he caused chaos. One well-known forum actually went off line and was shut for a month because of him. He came into one forum with a half dozen aliases just to keep leeching and deleting and playing his games.

7. Hans created his own forums over and over. He was dubbed "Pied Piper" for bringing gullible people to his forums. He set them up and destroyed them every time. Why? The old man enjoys pulling the puppet strings and accusing people and watching their reaction. That's his fun. He manipulates people. He deletes some links to watch the fun. When membership levels off, he blows up the forum. The fun is seeing how many crawl back again. Sick? Well what do you expect from a guy who wails "my father beat me" and "Sony fired my ass." He's been a wretch all his life. He made a forum and even said up front, "I will not post my own links." Leeching was too much effort. He wanted everyone else to do it. He told people to leech everything they could get because "if it's on the Internet then it's meant to be shared." Yes, if was on your blog, he felt it was ok to take it from you and have it end up deleted.

8. This egomaniac has called himself: "The Blogfather" and "The Zun" and "Bill C" (Bill Clinton). He once wrote: "Yes, I am like Hitler and Hussein!" He even prided himself "I am the most Hated Man on the Internet!" Is that how a normal blogger acts? Real bloggers are humble. Their goal is to turn people on to neglected music. When was the last time a blogger called himself "The Sun?" The center of your universe?

9. If Hans couldn't get people to love his downloads he deleted them. He was Jeckyl and Hyde. When he got tired of being "The Most Hated Man on the Internet" he put up a new blog claiming to be a changed man. How often was his "This is Zunset, I quit blogging" followed the next day by "New start!" He'd start a forum to see if he could get 50 members in the first week. If not, he'd report the links, say "it is no use" and beg for sympathy. Get this, if the forum got 100 or 200 members, he'd keep it going, then figure the RIAA was getting close, so he'd save his ass by deleting everything and shutting it down. He's had plenty of cease and desist notices from certain artists he won't pick on, but he's too sick to give up. Remember: "blogging saved my life." Even when his mother died, even when a 60 year-old friend died, his line "there must be something better to do than be on the Internet" lasted less than 48 hours, each time. That is a compulsive demented De Vente for you. And it is fact.

10. The underside of Hans, which most of you thankfully haven't seen, has become well known because so many bloggers, forums, ADMINS and victims have compared notes and realized what a one-man wrecking crew Hans really is. He's used Photoshop to fake documents. He's hacked forums. He's made threats. He's done too much to even mention here (and yes, it will all go to the proper authorities at the right time). Even though he's covered his tracks with anti-Hans blogs to make himself seem the victim, more often his blogs have been hate blogs against others, including these, which all contained hate and harassment:
And that is only HALF. Most of those blogs are now wiped or dormant but the hate and viciousness was all over them, plus the worst thing of all: his REVENGE AGAINST MUSICIANS.

Most of you are aware by now that, like global warming, the declining music business is no myth. You can read it in Rolling Stone. You can Google the info yourselves. Tower Records went under. Sales have sunk. Older stars can't get record deals. Young and old musicians counting on royalties are struggling. Old songwriters who thought they'd still be getting "pension" money have seen royalty checks become a pittance. Some of these people have gone on welfare and others just committed suicide. You have all that going on.

And a fired Sony employee is saying, "Here's every Beach Boy album for your ass!" "Today every George Shearing record. What's up with blind guys and pianos?" "This is a Phil Spector record that I was looking for. Now it's yours. I happened to see it in the office of a friend of mine in the Brill Building [a music industry office building] and when he wasn't looking, I made off with it."

This is why he's been nicknamed "The Drama Queen," "Ego Hans," "The Hacker Has-Been" and "Bad Santa" and "The Pied Piper."

That's the story. He likes to infiltrate forums with an anonymizer and pluck off files. He grabs anything he can find, so he can start up a new blog with fresh material. Then he deletes the files so that he'll be the only blogger who has them.

He's over 60, is into soft, soft music. Yet he's infiltrated forums of heavy metal and psych and jazz. Why? He's a fired ex-Sony employee, that's why. He hates the music industry. He'll throw any music out there if somebody will tell him "Oh thank you, generous, lovable Hans." Would you believe this guy used aliases like LSD25 and HungryFreaksDaddy? Fact. He did. He has more than a split personality, this guy.

He may be close to arrest or a nervous breakdown at this point. He's off Blogspot at the moment because of all the complaints and the pressure. We have to be careful he doesn't come back here or anywhere else.

Hans is no hobbyist like most of us. He is a renegade and an outsider, maliciously leeching our files and playing head games with new identities, blogs and forums. Call him Country Cal, Bill C., Hungry Freak Daddy, LSD25 or any other name. He's the same guy, a fired ex-Sony employee with a juvenile delinquent childhood and a revenge streak.

This blog is here is because we, the REAL blogging community, are fed up with his destructive crap and we had to do something about it.

He used to be a Usenet troll, one of the crackpots who curses and flames. Now he's in the blogworld. Until the Holland authorities arrest him and a court order forbids him from getting on the Internet, shun him. That way he can't get the attention he craves.

He has never gone a week without hurting people, saying vile things, boasting that he leeches links from others and the rest of his stale act.

We love our blogs. We uploaded the music ourselves, with our own comments. We want others to know about the music we care about. We don't want them leeched by Hans or deleted by Hans. We don't want him upping his complete Beach Boys discographies either, now that the heat from the RIAA is so strong and the artists and record stores are complaining. We want to be fair to the musicians and to each other. Hans has only cared about himself and about revenge on bloggers who compete with him and anyone leaving a "bad comment" to him.

This blog has told you the truth about Hans. Other blogs have done it too. Some of this material comes from other blogs about Hans and there's also

Hans, get off the Internet and get on medication.

Real blogging is not about nose-thumbing and ego games. It's about a real love of music, and not jealousy toward famous musicians. Too bad you are 60 and got fired from Sony. Stop ruining it for the rest of us.


Joe said...

You, the writer of this account has done a great service to the music loving blogging communities by exposing this fraud.This deranged, pompous, lying,malicious trouble making malcontent.
I wish more Blogs carried the "Hans Outside" link.
I admire and congratulate you for exposing him for what he really is.

DZONDZON said...

Your amatuer psychoanalysis of his motivation and personality notwithstanding, I agree with your position that Hans is bad for music blogs. I "followed" Hans through several resurections of various blogs and forums. since his mention on Bedazzled. After a while I smelled something fishy, with all the drama on his sites, but I took him at his word and did not suspect that he was really a kook as well as a thief. Maybe Hans actaully still works for the music industry. By calling attention to his piracy, he will get all the blogs shut down. His secret intended purpose all along.

Mouldysauerkraut said...

I don't understand why so many Talking Heads and XTC tapes was posted and just today deleted. Do you think that this hudge amount of work was only made to put saliva in the net music lovers mouth ? I still thank him for the music and for answering to my comments. I really apreciate the work and involvment of so many blogowners and their great share spirit. It is too bad to think that my naive view upon you all can be wrong. Nice picture from M, by Fritz Lang.